How To Choose The Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Home

How To Choose The Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Home


How To Choose The Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Home

One of the finest places to start when adding design and color to your garage is with the floor. Garage floors with standard concrete slabs are functional. They can, however, be stylish and even comfy with a little effort.


There are numerous possibilities for sprucing up a garage floor, and most homeowners are unsure which path to take. To begin thinking about a new garage floor, divide the options into two categories: coatings and coverings. There are four viable alternatives to evaluate.


Paint And Epoxy Are Two Coating Options

Floor coverings are applied in a thin coat with a roller or brush and adhere directly to the concrete floor slab, falling into one group. The most common alternatives in this category are paint and epoxy.


Tile And Mats Are Two Options For Flooring

The other central floor covering category is building materials placed on the garage floor and can be relocated or removed as needed. Nothing prevents you from laying carpet or another covering on your garage floor. However, if you want a surface that can withstand the demands of daily garage living, you must use a product designed exclusively for garage floors. This category includes things such as floor tiles and floor mats.


Floor Epoxy

Because both apply with paint rollers and brushes, epoxy floor coatings are frequently considered a type of paint. However, the materials are very different in terms of chemistry and performance.

Paint hardens due to the evaporation of its solvent, which is commonly water or an oil-based liquid. On the other hand, proper epoxy coatings harden by a chemical reaction involving a resin and a hardener (catalyst). Before you begin a garage floor epoxy project, you must first pick which type of epoxy is best for you.

Genuine garage floor epoxy coats the floor with a durable, appealing layer. This product, however, should not be confused with "epoxy paint," which is a one-part latex paint product with a little quantity of epoxy added to improve the toughness of its surface. The overall performance of epoxy paint is often inferior to that of an actual epoxy coating.


Paint For The Floor

If your garage floor soils with oil, grease, or rust, you may quickly resurface it with concrete floor paint. Concrete floor coatings are available in latex or oil-based formulations. They are also constructed with a satin, nonslip coating to withstand heavy traffic and resist damage from solvents, salts, and other acidic compounds.


Some latex floor paints contain a small quantity of epoxy resin intended to harden the finish and make it stain-resistant. Make sure the color you choose is labeled for use on concrete floors, as these products outperform regular paint when applied to garage floors.


Tiles For The Floor

Of course, you can use the same durable vinyl floor tiles used in other living rooms to cover a garage floor. But for garage use, the most common alternative is a variety of firm or semi-rigid plastic, rubber, & wood composite tiles. These products have interlocking edges & form a slightly raised floor that is strong enough to support vehicles.


According to professional concrete contractors the floor tiles are an excellent solution when a concrete slab is badly discolored or broken in a difficult-to-repair condition, and the tiles will smooth out any unevenness in the slab.

Here are some tile ideas:


  • Plastic garage floor tiles are available in several styles and are frequently PVC or polypropylene plastic.
  • Rubber tiles are similar to the interlocking tiles used in sports facilities, children's playrooms, and similar locations. Most manufacturers offer a wide choice of accessories to polish the edges and door thresholds. They are long-lasting and comfortable to walk on, making them perfect for homeowners who spend much time in their garage workshop.
  • Wood composite tiles, such as those used as an underlayment for carpet and other floor coverings, can also be used as garage flooring. These 2-foot-square panels can withstand large loads, making them suitable for garage floors. The tongue-and-groove edges snap together, and a transition strip is necessary where the flooring meets the garage door.


Mats For The Floor

Rolling out rubber or polyvinyl plastic mats is the simplest way to cover a garage floor. Like garage floor tiles, Carpets are put over mildly soiled or damaged concrete floors with no prior work required.


Some mats seem like carpets, while others are textured and look like cushioned sports mats. In general, mats made of easy-to-clean materials that are thick enough to be durable underfoot are the best choice for a garage.


Concerns Regarding Repair And Preparation

Garage floor coatings and covers should not be a way to keep damaged slabs "out of sight, out of mind." Unless properly repaired & prepared, a cracked & broken slab will cause problems with most finishes, mainly paint and epoxy.


Existing concrete oil and grease stains will always leak through a floor coating. Furthermore, no garage floor coating or covering will remove moisture issues. Before installing any garage, floor coating or covering should address any damage, stains, & moisture issues.


Problems With Repair And Preparation

Should not view garage floor coatings & covers as keeping damaged slabs "out of sight, out of mind." A cracked or broken slab will cause problems with most finishes, mainly paint and epoxy, unless properly repaired and prepared.


Existing oil and grease stains in concrete will almost always leak through a floor coating. Furthermore, no garage floor coating or covering can eliminate moisture problems. Should address any damage, colors, or moisture issues before installing garage floor coating or covering.


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