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Check out our recent projects if you think about how amazingly we work. We have the pictures of the projects that we have done below.

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GTAcrete gives lovely scene plans incorporating patios and walkways, retaining walls and growers, wood constructions and scene highlights, and plants. Kindly go ahead and peruse to see a few instances of the delightful work we've done that have left our clients cheerful and fulfilled. Get in touch with us today to demand a discussion or free gauge about your home or business.

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GTAcrete is always there for its customers to provide the best quality work and 100% satisfaction. We are developing a community of trusted clients.

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Recent Projects


Stamped Concrete

GTAcrete specialized in concrete work , most in demand is stamped concrete which comes in various sub-class which includes extensive range of designs and other tweaks to give your home a whole new style, we are here to provide with the best and quality concrete constructions for our clients.


Concrete Driveway

Our commercial and residential customers can expect GTAcrete. to deliver high quality products and services, plus a desirable finished product. We invite you to see our web pages for descriptions and examples of our high quality services and products.


Concrete Sidewalk

At GTAcrete we can offer you the very best in quality concrete sidewalks. There is more to your sidewalks than simply pouring a new batch of concrete, and GTAcrete takes the steps needed to ensure smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting results.


Concrete Paint & Sealer

Provide protection from “Pitting” or “Spalling” or deterioration of the concrete causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure & Preventing hairline cracks due to water expansion during freeze/that cycles.


Concrete Stain & Polish

Polished concrete is probably the lowest overall maintenance system that H&C sells. When you polish concrete it closes the pores. That helps it resist staining and moisture, so routine maintenance is basically a powered floor scrubber, a wet mop or a neutral cleaner.


Concrete Slab & Foundation

There are lots of benefits slab concrete and provide, firm foundation, easy installation and few others like Prevents mold growth in the home, Less expensive, Faster to construct, Less subject to pests and vermin, More energy efficient, Stronger and more durable


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